Pure Natural Digestive Enzymes for Women and Men with Protein and Carbohydrates to Stop Bloating and Flatulence with Protease Enzyme Bromelain Supplements Lactase Pills and Acidophilus



Brand: California Products

Color: Digestive


  • Potent digestive enzyme blend to help you break down essential nutrients and keep your digestive system healthy – stops bloating and flatulence + can reduce swelling
  • Acidophilus can help to keep cholesterol under control and boost the immune system – can help to reduce problems caused by lactose intolerance + helps lower cholesterol
  • Protease helps to break down protein and peptides in the body – this digestive enzyme will release natural substances like amino acids back into the bloodstream
  • Bromelain can help to remove fat + help with fat loss – this can also relax muscle + can be used to improve how many vitamins are absorbed into the system – this can also help to reduce muscle pain after exercise
  • This digestive supplement also contains Alpha galactosidase will also help to break down complex carbohydrate within the body and help prevent flatulence

UPC: 793574995727

EAN: 0793574995727