NATURELO Whole Food Vitamin Gummies for Adults - Chewable Gummy Multivitamin for Men & Women - New & Improved Flavor - 120 Vegan Gummies





  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – We use Vitamin C from Acerola Cherries, Vitamin D from Lichen, Vitamin E from Rice Bran, Calcium from Algae, etc. Other gummy brands contain synthetic ingredients made in a lab.
  • DELICIOUS TASTE: Our gummies are made with natural ingredients and have a delicious berry flavor that will keep you coming back for more.*Now featuring a New & Improved Taste!
  • EASY TO SWALLOW: Ideal for adult men and women who have difficulty swallowing large pills or simply prefer great tasting chews.
  • NO ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS: Vitamin gummies from other brands are packed with artificial sweeteners such as Sucrose which is associated with weight gain. Our gummies obtain their sweetness from Organic Stevia Leaf extract, which is natural and has no side effects.
  • COMPLETE FORMULA: Includes all essential vitamins and minerals. One serving of 4 gummies covers all your daily vitamin needs.