Maelys B-Flat Firming Belly Cream Cellulite Reduction 3.38Oz NEW FREE SHIPPING


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Condition:     All items are NEW, as pictured. Packaging MAY vary.

The items I sell are mostly overstock/shelf pull items.   All are new and unused, but the boxes or packaging may have minor damage, ie.small rips/tears/fraying/yellowing/cuts from box cutter/dents/lifting edges/no lids, etc. This is a result of being in boxes prior to my purchasing them. Again, all are new and unused. Due to the nature of the items I sell, I cannot offer returns/refunds on any opened or used makeup. 

We may use incorrect lids to preserve contents during shipping if original lids are missing in photos.

There are no regulations or requirements under current U.S. laws that require cosmetic manufacturers to print expiration dates on the labels of cosmetic products. However, if the item I am selling has an expiration date listed, I will always do my best to include it in the listing. 

If you have questions about your use of a cosmetic product, please review the labeling appearing on the product and/or consult a physician.