2 Bottles Xfusion Keratin Hair Building Fiber 28G 0.98Oz Large Size 9 Colors USA





XFusion Keratin Hair Fibers 9 Colors 0.98oz Large Size 2pack Fast Shpping


Product description

·       XFUSION Hair Building Fibers instantly give you the look of thicker, fuller hair.

·       Made of natural, colored Keratin protein that is naturally statically charged, intertwine with your existing hair for a completely natural look.

·       Dry and style hair as usual. Shake or spray into thinning area. Gently pat hair to disperse fibers.

·       XFUSION Fiber Hold Spray is a fine mist that further strengthens the bond between XFUSION Hair Building Fibers and fine, thin or thinning hair.

·       XFUSION Fiber Hold Spray helps deliver precise coverage for a natural look that lasts through wind, rain, and perspiration.


·         Condition: 100% Brand New

·         Item Type: Hair Fiber

·         Ingredient: Natural Plant Extracts

·         Optional Color: Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown,Medium Blonde, Light Blonde, Gray

·         Content: 28g for Hair Fiber

·         Package Weight: Approx. 100g


Additional information


2x Gray, 2X Light Brown, 2X Dark Brown, 2x Medium Blonde, 2X Black, 2X Medium Brown