Staying Healthy During COVID 19

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The COVID 19 pandemic is affecting the physical and mental health of people all over the world. There is a risk of getting sick from this illness. There is also the mental health risks due to isolation. These are some ways to stay healthy during the CODIV 19 crisis.

Fresh Produce

Most people are going for canned goods and other shelf-stable items. Now is the time to purchase fresh produce.

When a person gets home they do need to wash any fruits and vegetables that they have purchased. The produce can then be cut up and stored in the freezer. This will allow the items to be used for months. This will also help a person if the price increases in the future.

Home Exercise

It is important to stay in shape at home. This is good for mental health and physical health too. Many people are stuck at home or working from home. There are some things that they can use for a workout without having to go out and purchase goods. Wine bottles can be used as weights. Dish towels can be used for exercises that require sliding. There are plenty of exercises such as squats, sit-ups, and push-ups which are good for the body and do not need any special equipment. A person should do five exercises, one minute each, and then repeat this three times. As the body gets used to this they should do it five times. This will help reduce the extra weight from corona snacking.

Stress Reduction

Most people feel stressed during this time. They may be worried about their jobs and paying the bills. They may also be lonely due to social isolation. There are many ways that a person can manage their stress. Yoga and meditation are recommended. Many streaming classes are being offered for free to help with this. Most therapists are still offering online sessions for those that need to talk. A person can even listen to music for some time without worrying about anything else.


It is important to clean the home. A person should use a disinfectant spray on items that they bring into the house. A person should also wash their sheets and coats frequently. The best thing that a person can do is wash their hands frequently with soap and warm water.

These are some ways that a person can stay healthy when dealing with COVID 19. A person needs to stay mentally and physically healthy so these tips can help them get into the best state possible.